Insta art – beach sketches

My son Mack turned two recently and we spent his birthday down south at Middleton with family. He’s the cheekiest little cheeker that ever cheeked.

The kids saw whales, dolphins, rode trains, climbed hills, explored the beaches, rode bikes and scooters and really enjoyed the wintery goodness.  It was awesome.

These sketches were done in the quieter moments and are taken from a few different spots around Middleton and Basham’s beach.

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Middleton & Basham’s Beach #sketch

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Inktober…in April!

I just realised there were a few ‘what-have-yous’ from inktober I hadn’t posted here. So here you go…

#inktober2016 #inktober

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#inktober #inktober2016

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My son Jude loves trains. As you can imagine, he’s drawn and painted quite a few in his day. On Saturday morning I thought it might be fun to animate one of his drawings for him, so we worked on this together…he animated the steam himself 😉

Animated a train with Jude this morning 🙂

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So, my instagram feed (on the right hand side over there) has disappeared unexpectedly. If you’re new to my website, you won’t have the foggiest idea what I’m talking about because, as I said, it is gone. Rather than fix that problem, I’ve decided to start posting my instagram pics directly in the body of my website – tadaa! Bring on the squishy faces and random noticings!

#sketches #faces

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Monsters are awesome

During a recent break, I decided to paint up an old ink sketch I did about a million years ago.  I guess I’ve been more interested in painting lately and this was a chance just to jump straight in.  I’ve included a process gif because they’re fun.  I hope you like it.

Monster illustration


More sketches

Yuuuuuppp…no reference, cleanup etc, just freestyling and filling up spaaaaace!



Something that started as a late night doodle while on holidays…



and a process gif…



Two weeks ago today our little family grew by 1 when we welcomed Mack Wilfred Cochrane to the world.  He’s a lovely healthy boy and we couldn’t be prouder or happier.


Netball World Cup Campaign

A little over a year ago I did some initial concepts for NATION for the Netball World Cup 2015. I think they were still in the pitch stage when I did these. The direction was given by Geoff Robertson, who wanted the silhouettes to emote the physicality and scale of the contest. It was exciting to finally see the completed campaign today on the tv and see that it retained so much from those original ideas.






And their final posters in the campaign:


I did a demonstration in class today about developing characters – my example was dwarves.  Continued the theme tonight…