New post, old art.

Yay! I’ve been meaning to update my website for some time now…the old folio site just wasn’t cutting it, so in order to keep things turning over and feeling fresh I’ve gone with the trusty blog format.  The old folio site is still accessible for now through the menu, but hopefully that will change soon too.

So to celebrate the occasion, I’ve decided to share some art I created while at Krome Studios.  Almost two years ago, we created a short demo called Yoda 2d.  The game was all about speed and timing and using droids to propel you in different ways through the environment.  It was a lot of fun, even at that very early stage but it never made it to production (that’s another story).  I don’t think anyone at LucasArts even saw the game, which is too bad, it had a lot of potential.

Someone out there has a video of it running on Xbox 360, hopefully one day it will surface.