Math Seeds

Seeing as I have very little to show for all the hard work I’ve been putting in around the artlab, I thought I’d kick off the first instalment of a little something I like to call ‘stuff Garth did ages ago and hasn’t shown anybudy yet!’.

The purpose being to keep this blog ticking over without actually having to get off my butt and finish anything right now.  I swear, I have things, they’re just not for show/in various stages of completion.

Anyway, this is a thing I did a couple of years ago for Luke Jurevicius, for a project called Math Seeds.  The brief was to create a flash drawn background for a web animated thingamy.  The different rooms to this house were the sets for Math related activities and ‘webisodes’.  Another illustrator/animator contributed significant chunks to the left hand side (outside) world, which I altered to fit the style of the rest of the set.  There are also some small props which came courtesy of Nathan Jurevicius 🙂 Booyah!

Click for larger image.