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Monsters are awesome

During a recent break, I decided to paint up an old ink sketch I did about a million years ago.  I guess I’ve been more interested in painting lately and this was a chance just to jump straight in.  I’ve included a process gif because they’re fun.  I hope you like it.

Monster illustration


The Gruffalo!

Earlier in the week my little boy had his 2nd Birthday.  His favourite book is the Gruffalo, so his party was done in the theme.  Mum did lots of Gruffalo goodies including Gruffalo Crumble, Lolly bags and decorations and I made this model to sit atop his cake.

He was a bit of a rush job (especially the paint), with less than a week of nights to complete it.  It was a lot of fun though 🙂

He’s since retired and moved to the penthouse suite in Jude’s IKEA bookshelf.


Happy days!

Band Stars on iOS

I was Principal Artist on BandStars, which launched earlier this month for iOS.  The game was made by our team at The People’s Republic of Animation/Six Foot Kid and is published by Halfbrick, makers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.


It’s currently #1 music app in a bunch of countries and is free to download and play, with optional in app purchases for upgrades to studio items, instruments and certain characters. So what are you waiting for? Get it here!

The Eggsperts

Last year I did some character design work on a production called The Eggsperts, with Flying Bark. Some early pics have surfaced here.  It’s interesting to see how he ultimately ended up as a 3d model, with the colour changes and axing of a couple of limbs.  I bet the animators were relieved!



Ah, Spacepug, where will your adventures take you this week?


Whenever possible, I like to make my spacesuits resemble Mork’s.

Trying something different

I’ve wanted to try something like this for a while.  I’ve been doing some tightly rendered character illustrations for a kids show and this was a bit of an antidote 😀

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Red Gumboots

When you’re a kid, one of the most exciting things to do is to put on your gumboots and play in puddles.  Awww yeah!  As usual, clicking the thumbnail brings up the fullsize version in all its lo-fi glory.