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Characters like this pop up in my sketchbook every now and then to remind me of the years I spent animating in Flash.  Check him out…he’s totally asking for some instances and even better, he doesn’t even have legs! Perfect!


Lifedrawing March 1st

Lifedrawing again tonight. I’ve misplaced my large sketchbook somehow (the thing is huge), so these are digital sketches.  Still a little tentative with my lines.  Poses are anywhere from 3-15 mins.


sketches_10mins sketches_10mins1 sketches_10mins2 sketches_10mins3



Hey Ho! It’s me again.  Me being Garth.  I’ve started going to lifedrawing classes at CDW Studios in the City, which is a nice bookend to the week.  The dudes were quick poses from last week, the ladies were tonight’s efforts.

lifedrawing_22_2 lifedrawing_22_3 lifedrawing_22_4 lifedrawing_22_5 lifedrawing_22_6



Sandor Clegane

I’m a bit of a Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) tragic. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, do yourself a favour and google it! I’ve got a bunch of sketches done of various characters, but I’m holding back on posting until they’re inked and coloured…needless to say, there are enough characters in that universe to keep me busy for a very long time.


Fly Girl / Mr Squiggle

I meant for this to be a chance to get my hands dirty with illustrator…but I love sketchbook so much I just can’t go past it, so here it is.  It started out as a Mr squiggle from a couple of posts back.


Jude the Artist

Hey all…long time no post.  My boy Jude turned 1 year old this month.  He charges around the house like a mad thing these days and he surprises us everyday with something new 🙂 Last week I booted up my pc and he decided he’d like to have a go at painting…


He had so much fun it was beautiful, he laughed, smiled and chatted the whole time.



*Edit* I also bought a Cintiq recently, Ha!

Little Dude

I had no real plan with this one, it just evolved from a random squiggle I did last night.  And I’m keen to push the last post further down the page.  Not the first blue forest creature playing with orbs of light I’ve ever illustrated.  Probably not the last.

Another Mr Squiggle

This is another thing for the ‘we draw good’ blog.  It was my turn to suggest a topic, so I threw in a Mr Squiggle :).  I was thinking I might use this as an excuse to learn illustrator.  It’s called Illustrator, damn it.  I’m an illustrator.  How come I don’t know how to use this program?  Seriously though, I’ve only tinkered with it in the past and I spent many years creating art in flash, so it shouldn’t be too difficult right?


Yes, yes it is.  I’ve got to work my way through this…been very busy lately (and amongst other things) have started driving to work, so my doodlin time has been significantly reduced.  This is all I have!

Monsters and Critters

Heyo!  So our game Band Stars is gaining some momentum, we’ve got around 40k 70k users now which is exciting, and we’re gaining every day. An update to the game has just rolled out, with some tweaks and new content like the Critters and Monsters character packs.  The Monsters pack was my baby but I also did some work on these Critters.  I have to say of all the characters I skinned on Band Stars, these were the most fun!

You can find them in the store, under Special Items!

Animation Super-Dudes (that’s a technical term) Craig Eickhoff, Chris Spencer and Tom Cant did the animations and poses!

Teehee! Look at ‘im dance!


Not again, surely…

Yep. Ninja Turtle. Again.  It’s ok though because I already have something different lined up for next post.

My first gig as an illustrator was a commission of Raphael in a trenchcoat.  I was nine and I pocketed 20 cents thanks to a classmate.

Band Stars is GO!

Go get yerself a piece of the action 😉


Go to to play…!

This is the game I’ve been working on with a bunch of awesome dudes at the brand spankin new game company SIX FOOT KID. It’s been an awesome gig…creating concepts, character skins, 3d models, textures, animation, GUI elements and getting it all in game. It’s the first social game any of us have worked on, so there was a big learning curve, but we’re really happy with the way it has come together…and the best part is that the players are loving it.

We’re busy working on updates to the game, so make sure you check back soon for new features.

I’ll update this post as I gather more stuff together…here’s some art:


This is a thing

It has been a few years since I’ve combined full time work with freelance…this week I was reminded of why.  I like sleep.

This is a thing I squeezed out in-between.